Texas’ first Mici Handcrafted Italian is coming to Frisco.

The Denver-based company announced that the fast-casual Italian chain would be located at 8244 FM 423, Frisco, and is scheduled to open in June.

Mici’s menu includes pizza; pastas; salads; and desserts, such as gelato and cannoli. Each meal is made to order, said Carlos Smith, owner of the Frisco location.

Chief Growth Officer Matt Stanton said that the Mici team collaborates with local real estate brokers in all of the restaurants’ markets during the site-selection process. Jack Weir of Dallas-based Shop Companies helped the chain choose Frisco, and Mici is planning to open restaurants in McKinney and Prosper in the near future.

“Knowing the market so well, we loved how our brand fits with Frisco,” Stanton said in an email. “People in the area desire high-quality Italian food, but busy families also want food that is convenient and easy to get via a great fast-casual dine-in experience, or through delivery or takeout.”

In addition to bringing a “quality concept” to the area, Smith said he is excited to offer a work-life balance for his managerial team. Managers at Mici’s Frisco location can look forward to a four-day work week.

“I wanted to do that because it's not normal,” Smith said. “I want [my staff] to understand that I appreciate the time that they put into work. I respect their quality of life with their family.”

Smith added that the shortened work week would not affect managers’ salary.

Smith, who spent 28 years as an owner at Outback Steakhouse, said that the Mici concept won him over because of the “great food” and its emphasis on family.

“People will be very pleasantly surprised when they try the food,” Smith said. www.miciitalian.com