The Dripbar, a health center focused on administering IV infusions, has arrived in Frisco.

The business opened Feb. 8 at 3311 Preston Road, Ste. 9. The Rhode Island-based franchise specializes in intravenous therapy that provides nutrients and hydration directly into the bloodstream. Treatments range from slowing the signs of aging to reducing brain fog and boosting energy. Each session ranges in price from about $100 to $200, and customers sit in the chair anywhere from 25 to 40 minutes.

Kishore Reddy Rollakanti, the owner of the Frisco location, said The Dripbar stands out from other vitamin infusion centers because of the company’s compliance with US Pharmacopeia, a scientific organization that regulates the safety of dietary supplements, medicine and food.

“The patient need not fear about any contamination or infection due to the IV drips that they get here,” Reddy Rollakanti said. “I'm very excited to see how people are going to respond to this new business model.”

Clients may choose from 18 different IV lifestyle or health-support drips, including the Flu Fighter, which can fight the common cold, and High C, which is typically for current or former cancer patients. Reddy Rollakanti said the most popular drips are the Power Pack and All Star infusions.

“Basically, these are a bag full of energy,” he said.

Energy boosts from The Dripbar’s IV infusions last about one to two weeks, depending on the client's metabolism, Reddy Rollakanti said. Athletes who burn a lot of energy may only feel the benefits of a drip for about four days.

The Dripbar in Frisco has 11 chairs for people to receive IV infusions. There will also be two private rooms, which Reddy Rollakanti said will be used for Botox and Dysport fillers. Those services will be available after the center’s grand opening in March.

The Dripbar also offers IM Quick Shots for people who do not have time to sit for a full drip. 469-501-5945.