Swiss chocolate store Läderach opened on Nov. 26 in Stonebriar Centre at 2601 Preston Road, Frisco.

Läderach features a variety of chocolate products, including pralines, truffles, bars and chocolate-covered popcorn.

At the store’s FrischSchoggi, or fresh chocolate counter, customers can select from varying flavors of hand broken chocolate bark. Selections can be bought by the slab or broken to a desired size and sold by weight.

FrischSchoggi flavors include Caramel-Almond, a white chocolate bark with almond and caramel pieces; Florentine, a milk or dark chocolate with almonds and honey; Nut Trio, a blend of milk and dark chocolate with hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios; and Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, which is the company’s worldwide best seller. Strawberry Curd, a white chocolate bark with strawberry pieces, is the store’s bestseller, Manager Alyson Dietsche said.

Across from the FrischSchoggi is what Dietsche calls the box wall. It is divided into three sections: pralines, truffles and chocolate containing alcohol. Those looking to mix and match can visit the praline counter, where the candies can be sorted into boxes of three different sizes.

Special products include gingerbread popcorn, a limited edition holiday flavor, and the Masters Collection, a box made by Elias Läderach that won the World Chocolate Masters competition in 2018. The collection features bonbons, chocolate with caramel and notes of Mandarin orange, and tablets, chocolate with caramel and notes of toffee.

Läderach is on the first floor of the mall near Nordstrom and Francesca’s in the former Godiva location. Dietsche, who previously worked at Godiva, said she is ordering more dark chocolate products because they were more popular with the Stonebriar Centre customer base than milk chocolate. She is also keeping chocolate with fruit flavors in stock for those who prefer chocolate and fruit combinations.

Läderach’s dark chocolate tablets, or bars, are 100% vegan.

“The response has been overwhelmingly good, but there are definitely things that we do that Godiva did not do,” Dietsche said. “There are some things that I can do to fill that gap, so that's what I'm working on doing so that we can get everybody on board with team Läderach.”