The National Breast Cancer Foundation is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a campaign called RISE, which stands for Rally in Screening Everyone.

The campaign launched at the beginning of October to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness month, the organization said in a news release. RISE aims to encourage women to get screened, an early detection measure for breast cancer.

“At the height of the pandemic, breast cancer screenings were down over 85%,” Chief Program Officer Douglas Feil said in the release. “We are focused on getting this critical message on the importance of screenings and mammograms out to every woman across the country and encourage everyone to share this reminder with all of the women in their lives.”

The foundation, which is headquartered at 7460 Warren Pkwy Ste. 150, Frisco, is seeking donations to support mammograms for women in need. Donors may choose exactly where their donation goes. 972-248-9200.