Plans for Grand Park now include ponds, playgrounds, an amphitheater, a dog park and a fall 2025 groundbreaking date.

Two-minute impact

Frisco City Council members discussed new concepts, renderings and a completed master plan for Grand Park’s community hub during a June 25 summer work session meeting.

The community hub is the northernmost piece of the park—nearly 300 acres out of the entire park’s more than 1,000 acres that span from Main Street to Lewisville Lake.

Included in the community hub will be five districts, according to a meeting presentation: Civic Park, Adventure Play, Sports Park, Botanic Gardens and Nature Area, and a Nature Center.

Each district will then have its own unique amenities that follow the key behaviors outlined by council members at previous meetings, which are to play, explore, discover and connect, according to a meeting presentation.
Civic Park’s Arrowhead Pond will be big enough for kayaking, something that will be available at the park, said Conners Ladner, a principal with Design Workshop Inc., the firm hired for the parks project. There are 16 acres of pond space altogether across the five districts.

A lake was originally included in the plans for Grand Park several years ago but was eventually removed, council member John Keating said. Choosing to add ponds could help with the desire for more water activities in the city, he said.

“We’re 'Sports City USA,' and water is a playing field,” Keating said.

Each district will also have water fountains, restrooms and a roughly 14-mile trail system connecting them.

Civic Park would also be the first to break ground as part of Phase 1 of construction scheduled for late summer or early fall 2025, according to a meeting presentation.

Going forward

Council members should be able to approve a design contract for the community park in the next few months, Parks and Recreation Director Shannon Coates said.

“This is a great next step,” Mayor Jeff Cheney said.