Frisco’s historic ranch land could soon include a new multifamily project.

The details

Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission members approved an open space and site plan for a 20-acre development referred to as Alexan Frisco during a May 28 meeting.

Development will take place across two lots near the corner of Eldorado Parkway and Coit Road, land that is located inside Frisco’s historic Brinkmann Ranch land.

One of the two lots will be a shared as open space with a community park featuring:
  • A dog park
  • A 12-foot-wide trail
  • A detention pond
  • A children’s playground
The second lot will hold eight multifamily buildings, according to meeting documents. Each building will hold between 36-50 units.

Something to note

The Alexan Frisco project is not the first development to come to Brinkmann Ranch—the area has seen a wave of construction in recent years, including a Tom Thumb grocery store, various retail stores and multiple housing developments.

Stay tuned

Zoning commission members are expected to discuss the project again at a future meeting before giving their recommendation to Frisco City Council.