Frisco City Council members gave city staff the go-ahead to extend the incoming Universal Parkway to Panther Creek Parkway during a March 5 work session meeting.

Two-minute impact

Designed to be the lead-in to Universal Kids Resort, a 30-acre theme park expected to open summer 2026, Universal Parkway is a six-lane road projected to open to cars in late 2024.

Extending the incoming road further than the original plans will keep signage simple and allow the Universal Parkway address to be used for more of the incoming park’s buildings, Transportation Planning Manager Joel Fitts said.

“One big thing for us is signage,” Fitts said.

Ground signs will likely be placed around the park entrances as an additional guide, Fitts said.

Some council members suggested extending Universal Parkway to Eldorado Parkway, but it could unintentionally encourage resort-bound drivers to cut through more neighborhoods, City Manager Wes Pierson said.

Neighborhoods being used as shortcuts was a point of concern for residents during the early stages of the park’s planning process, and something developers and city officials have said they hope to avoid.

Going forward

Bringing Universal Parkway to Panther Creek Parkway means it will cut into Frisco Street, according to a meeting presentation.

While not uncommon for a road to be interrupted, similar to how Championship Drive interrupts Teel Parkway, city staff will look into renaming the leftover portion of Frisco Street to keep things easy for drivers, Fitts said.

Stay tuned

There are specific rules to naming streets in Frisco, Fitts said. For example, there cannot be a Frisco Street and a Frisco Boulevard because it could confuse first responders. There also cannot be a North Frisco Street because of how the city’s numbering system works, he said.

“To not violate our rules, we'd have to call it, perhaps, Frisco Street North or something like that,” Fitts said.

Name options are expected to be discussed at a future council meeting.