Two turkeys are safe from Thanksgiving for another year in Frisco.

Mayor Jeff Cheney granted pardons for two turkeys, named Tom and Jerry, with a proclamation during a Nov. 21 Frisco City Council meeting.

“It is my honor as mayor to pardon our friends, Tom and Jerry the turkeys, this evening and assure our feathered friends that the life of a happy turkey is [theirs] for next year,” Cheney said.

Looking back

The Frisco Heritage Association has been coordinating turkeys to pardon for more than 10 years, Association President Donna Schmittler said.

Mayor [Maher] Maso helped us in the beginning, and Jeff has gracefully stepped in,” she said.
The turkeys, named Tom and Jerry, are safe for another Thanksgiving. (Alex Reece/Community Impact)
Tom and Jerry were almost a last-minute addition to the meeting due to difficulties finding any live turkeys the week before, Schmittler said.

“But apparently nobody mentioned to Jeff that I had gotten not one but two live turkeys,” Schmittler said. “He said, ‘Where's the stuffed turkey,’ ready to have someone in a turkey suit.”

Cheney had virtually pardoned a stuffed turkey in November 2020 due to the pandemic, Schmittler said.

“May Tom and Jerry go in peace and may we all have a wonderful Thanksgiving season,” Cheney said.