Revised definitions, fee adjustments and updated safety requirements were among the approved changes in Frisco's food establishment ordinance.

The gist

Frisco City Council members unanimously approved the multiple changes during a Sept. 19 meeting.

The city’s food ordinances were last updated in 2016 to align with a 2015 U.S. Food and Drug Administration code, according to an Aug. 1 work session presentation.

The FDA later released a new food code in 2017, which the state adopted in 2021, Environmental Health Supervisor Jazalyn Harp said Aug. 1.

“We would like to adopt the 2021 state code to ensure that [Frisco's] ordinance aligns with all federal guidelines and the state code,” Harp said.

What’s changing?

Here is a brief overview of the changes:
  • Bed and Breakfast Limited definition changed to Bed and Breakfast Inn
  • Mobile Food Vendor was changed to Stationary Food Vendor to refer to a vendor that stays at a location for 15 minutes or more
  • Added a spill kit requirement if the establishment has containers storing 25 gallons or more of oil or grease
  • Set a maximum of one mobile unit or food truck to use a food establishment to dispose of waste into a grease interceptor if both are owned by the same individual
  • Removed a requirement mandating establishments are inspected at least once every six months in favor of risk-assessment inspections
  • Removed dogs on patio rules and variance section
  • Updated grocery store fees
A comprehensive list of all changes can be found here.

Learn more

More information about Frisco’s food establishment requirements can be found on the city’s website.