Frisco officials say the new public library, Omni PGA resort and hosting the Academy of Country Music awards are among the city’s top accomplishments this year so far.

A panel of Frisco officials discussed the city’s recent achievements at the city’s annual State of the City on June 14.The panel, led by Tony Felker, chief executive officer at the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, consisted of Visit Frisco Executive Director Marla Roe, City Manager Wes Pierson and Frisco Economic Development Corporation President Jason Ford.

In a nutshell

“The state of the city is good,” Felker said.

While Mayor Jeff Cheney did not attend the event in person, a pre-recorded video of his remarks was shown to attendees.

“It’s been a busy year already, and we’re not even halfway through,” Cheney said.

Here are some of the city’s 2023 highlights Cheney mentioned in his statements:Other city successes include redeveloping Hall Park, announcing the Universal Kids Frisco theme park and transforming the downtown area to be pedestrian friendly, Cheney said.

“No world-class city is complete without a great downtown,” Cheney said. “Over the next few years, we’re going to be leaning in heavy into our Rail District.”

Frisco residents can expect to see a more Austin-style, “eclectic vibe” from the new downtown, Cheney said.

How it’s going

The investments in Frisco’s tourism scene could help put Frisco into the spotlight, most notably with the upcoming World Cup, Roe said.

“There's a lot of different potentials on what might come to Frisco [during the World Cup event], but we know our hotels are going to be full,” Roe said.

Can’t wait?

More information on ongoing Frisco projects and incoming developments can be found on the city’s website.