The latest updates to the city of Frisco’s future land use plan will not only guide future development, but will also influence the city’s population at build-out.

Years ago, Frisco was on track to have as many as half a million residents once the city was fully developed. But individual rezoning projects, new developments and revisions to the future land use plan have brought down that estimate.

“Based on reviews of our current future land use plan, we’re now estimating Frisco will end at build-out at 325,000 residents,” Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney said in a Facebook video after the March 2 City Council meeting.

The City Council approved more than a dozen changes to the plan at its March 2 meeting and directed staff to prepare an ordinance.

The changes were spurred by a council request last year to evaluate areas in the plan identified for mixed-use zoning that may no longer be suitable for such development, according to city documents.

Mixed-use developments have a combination of residential and commercial uses. The majority of the changes approved to the plan showed a reduction in the amount of potential residential uses desired.

For example, land at Main and Frisco streets has been listed in the plan as a possible mixed-use neighborhood with 80% residential and 20% commercial. The revised plan identifies that area as better suited for manufacturing centers, data centers and flex office space with no residential component.

According to city documents, the 2015 future land use plan included about 41,766 potential urban living units. A policy change in 2017 reduced that number to about 29,773 units. The latest changes to the plan further reduce the number of potential units to about 22,755.

“It’s good to have a plan in mind,” Cheney said during the meeting.

Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Shona Huffman stressed the changes do not affect the zoning on a particular property. Updates to the plan also do not affect what has already been built, she said.

"It is just a guideline for us to use in planning in the future," she said.

Frisco is about 80% built out. The city estimated its population as of March 1 to be 207,748.

The city memo below outlines the changes approved March 2 to the plan.