Frisco City Council approved a zoning ordinance change that will allow businesses to sell packaged beer and wine in the city’s downtown area.

The zoning ordinance amendment approved by council during its Oct. 20 meeting removes a pair of restrictions on the sale of alcoholic beverages in the Original Town Commercial district.

“This is something that was placed into the zoning ordinance we wrote for downtown probably about 15 years ago,” Frisco Development Services Director John Lettelleir said. “Recently, we had a request where somebody wants to locate in the portion that would be in conflict with this.”

Lettelleir explained the two restrictions were being recommended for removal from the ordinance because they supersede the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission’s authority.

The restrictions that are being removed state alcoholic beverage sales are:

• Permitted only between North and South County Road and the BNSF Rail line; and

• Allowed only in two establishments with only one business located on any given block.

“The alcoholic beverage sales [mentioned in the ordinance] refers to the selling of beer and wine for off-premises consumption, generally what you find in grocery stores and convenience stores with gas pumps,” Lettelleir said.

Council held a public hearing on the zoning ordinance change, but no one came forward to speak. The motion was passed unanimously.

In a document prepared for council, city staff said removing the regulations will allow more businesses to have the option to sell beer and wine for off-premises consumption as long as they meet the remaining requirements and distance measurements. The city still requires a distance of 300 feet from a church, public school or private school for an establishment to sell alcohol in the Original Town Commercial district.