This year’s 9/11 Remembrance Service in Frisco will be held virtually because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The program, which is hosted by the Frisco Garden Club, pays tribute to those who lost their lives during the events of Sept. 11, 2001. This year’s event will follow a similar format to previous years but with prerecorded videos and pictures from prior ceremonies. The video of the service will be available through Frisco’s website and Facebook page on Sept. 11.

“We certainly hope that this year’s commemorative video will be a meaningful substitute to our annual on-location remembrance event,” Frisco Garden Club publicity co-chair Amy Deatherage said via email. “As the Freedom Meadow memorial is located in a public park, we invite anyone who wants to come pay their respects [to do so] throughout the day using social distancing.”

In addition to the virtual Remembrance Service, two live wreaths will be placed at the Freedom Meadow memorial in the early morning hours of Sept. 11. The Freedom Meadow memorial is located at Warren Sports Complex, 7599 Eldorado Parkway, Frisco.

The Frisco Garden Club has hosted the annual 9/11 Remembrance Service since 2002.