Frisco ISD’s high schools will be split between three University Interscholastic League districts for most sports during the 2024-25 and 2025-26 school years.

The UIL announced its 2024-26 district realignment, which determines each Texas high school's athletic conference for the next two years, on Feb. 1. The released alignments are for volleyball, basketball and football.

Alignments for all other events will be released this spring, according to UIL.

The background

UIL classifies schools into conferences based on enrollment. Conference 5A includes high schools with between 1,315-2,274 students enrolled. Conference 4A high schools have between 545-1,314 students enrolled.

The details

For basketball and volleyball, eight of FISD’s 5A high schools will compete in District 11. This includes:
  • Frisco
  • Centennial
  • Emerson
  • Heritage
  • Independence
  • Lebanon Trail
  • Liberty
  • Memorial
Lone Star, Reedy and Wakeland high schools will compete in District 12 in Conference 5A. Panther Creek, which is the district’s only 4A high school, will compete in the conference's District 9.

UIL splits enrollment classifications for football into two divisions for 1-5A schools. Centennial, Frisco, Heritage, Lebanon Trail, Lone Star, Reedy and Wakeland high schools will compete in 5-5A Division I. The second district, 4-5A Division II, will include Emerson, Independence, Liberty and Memorial high schools.

Competing in multiple UIL districts allows for more playoff opportunities for FISD students as each UIL district has four spots for teams, according to a district news release.