Frisco ISD officials held a special meeting June 1 regarding school safety and security measures following the mass shooting May 24 in Uvalde, Texas, that left 21 people dead.

FISD Director of Security Kevin Haller has spent 21 years with the district and gave the board a presentation that outlined what security measures are already in place. He said the district is in a strong position.

This year, FISD is partnering with local police departments to increase the number of officers assigned to work at or near the district’s elementary schools. During this school year, three additional School Resource Officers will be hired who will focus solely on elementary schools. The extra patrols and campus visits are intended to provide an additional protective layer during the school day, according to an FISD newsletter.

5 things to know about building access

Frisco ISD implements various security measures districtwide that include everything from advanced technology to free lunch for police officers to increase officer precense.

  1. There is controlled access with one point of entry for visitors during the day

  2. All but one front door remains locked on all campuses

  3. Visitors must enter the school front office to gain access to the rest of the building

  4. A second interior door must be opened electronically by staff

  5. An automatic lock-down switch is available for the front door

Security cameras

Security cameras inside and outside schools provide feed to front office staff, Frisco police, firefighters and paramedics.

  • FISD utilizes the Situational Awareness for Emergency Response software that gives first responders the ability to plan and prepare to respond to emergencies in real time

  • The SAFER program was first implemented in 2009 in partnership with the city of Frisco. In the case of an emergency, first responders have immediate access to the live camera feed, campus floor plans, photos and contact information from their squad cars, fire trucks and ambulances.

School resource officers

FISD uses School Resource Officers, which are police officers with training for working in schools, as well as police partnerships.

  • 1 full-time school resource officer at each high school and each middle school

  • 2-3 elementary schools are usually covered by the middle school officers as well

  • Officers are armed at all times and keep rifles in locked gun safes in secondary schools

  • Free lunch is provided to police offers in schools cafeterias to increase law enforcement visibility

  • Police officers are encouraged to use school grounds to complete paperwork

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