Frisco ISD announced classes were canceled for the remainder of the week at Memorial High School because of vandalism. The school administration said a group of students were approved to place sticky notes across the campus as a part of their yearly senior prank. School officials were there to facilitate the prank when it quickly escalated to vandalism, according to school administration.

The vandalism forced FISD to end the school year a few days early, and the district closed the campus because it was not suited for classes May 19 or May 20 and cited air quality issues in an email to parents, staff and students. According to a district calendar, classes for all Frisco ISD students are set to end May 20. A graduation ceremony for Memorial High School seniors is planned for May 20 at the Ford Center. A spokesperson for the district said students will not make up the half-days they missed because of the closure.

In a letter sent to students, parents, and staff, the district said individuals covered the 300,000-square-foot campus with toilet paper, painting walls, using fire extinguishers, flipping tables and other acts of vandalism. Damage is being assessed but is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars, according to a FISD letter. The letter further stated the district plans to hold students responsible for these acts, and they are working with the Frisco Police Department to identify all involved. A letter to FISD students, parents and staff said several people had reached out to volunteer with campus cleanup.

“We are currently determining a plan for parents, students and staff to pick up personal belongings that are still at the campus. We will send a communication about times and dates for pick up sometime next week,” the district stated in its letter.