The fiscal year 2021-22 Frisco ISD budget adopted by the board of trustees on June 22 includes provisions for staff raises and a free health clinic for employees.

The $651.3 million general operating budget is based on a projected enrollment of 65,936 students, according to the FISD budget book. The combined tax rate, which will be approved in September, is set at $1.288 per $100 property tax valuation. That rate is a decrease of more than two cents from 2020, according to a news release from FISD.

Teachers and other staff on the teacher pay scale will receive a $2,150 pay increase, which amounts to 3.56% for the average teacher, according to the budget.

Employees not on the teacher pay scale will see a 3% of midpoint raise. Assistant Director of Communications Meghan Cone said that raise could be a little more or a little less depending on where employees fall in the pay grade for their position.

In addition, the beginning teacher salary will increase to $56,500. Minimum wage for certain positions—including bus monitors, cafe cooks and cashiers—will increase to $12 an hour. Pay for employees in those positions will also be adjusted to align with the updated pay scale.

Higher salaries will be reflected in employee paychecks according to the new contract year, Cone said. Those who work essentially year-round will see the increase in their August paycheck, and teachers who don’t go on contract until August will see the raise in their September paycheck, she said.

FISD staff will also see one-time employee stipends. Eligible employees are those employed by Oct. 1, 2020, and who remain employed on Aug. 30, 2021, with exceptions in place for retirees. Payments will be made in September equal to the greater of 1% of base wages or $250.

The onsite employee health clinic will offer free care to employees and low-cost care to their dependents, according to the release. FISD plans to convert the current athletic office at 6950 Stadium Lane into the clinic once athletic staff move into a new swimming facility. The new facility is under construction and is expected to be complete in October.