Frisco ISD is slated to receive nearly $10.8 million in extra state funding for next year’s budget as a result of state legislative action.

House Bill 1525, awaiting Gov. Greg Abbott’s signature, would provide the fastest-growing districts in Texas with up to $2,772 in extra funds for each new student added over the last six years in excess of 250 students, according to a June 14 board presentation by Chief Financial Officer Kimberly Smith.

FISD staff recommended the board consider using the money to add a free, onsite employee health clinic, to give teacher raises and one-time employee stipends and to increase the substitute budget as part of the final budget draft.

“We want to make sure that we're really thoughtful about what we do with that additional revenue going forward and make sure that we're planning for it long term in a way that's appropriate for our needs,” Smith said.

The recommended employee health clinic has a projected cost of $470,000. It would provide free acute care to employees and low-cost care to dependents.

Also suggested by FISD staff are increases to the teacher raises already included in the budget and an increase in the new beginning teacher salary, which would go from $56,200 to $56,500 annually. These proposed changes to the budget would cost about $1.7 million, according to the presentation.

One-time employee stipends were also proposed. With a projected cost of $4.5 million, eligible employees would be those employed by Oct. 1, 2020, and who remain employed on Aug. 30, 2021, with exceptions in place for retirees. Payments, which would be made on Sept. 15, would be equal to the greater of 1% of base wages or $250.

Substitute budget additions would include extra money for special education and clerical positions, costing $309,200.

The FISD board will continue to deliberate over the 2021-22 budget in a future meeting.