By spring 2022, Collin College Frisco will have four newly renovated halls as well as revamped classrooms as a result of the Alumni Hall project.

The project includes remodeling the existing dining hall to include a coffee shop, student engagement areas, and an esports and dining area. The work’s scope also includes a new kitchen addition and exterior improvements, such as more paving, planters and sculptures. The hall’s dance classroom will be converted into offices and a general purpose classroom. Alumni Hall will undergo minor office and bathroom renovations as well, said Christopher Eyle, the college’s vice president of facilities and construction.

Renovations at Lawler, Heritage and Founders halls will include paint and carpet refreshes to select classrooms and offices. This building will be extensively renovated to refresh and repurpose classrooms and labs that will be relocated to the new IT Center building in the fall. Most of the computer labs in Heritage Hall will be repurposed as general purpose classrooms, Eyle said in an email.

The final budget for the renovations has yet to be finalized.