Frisco ISD’s Nichols, Spears elementary schools nearing capacity, could close enrollment to new students


Two Frisco ISD elementary schools may stop accepting new students in the coming months after exceeding their capacities, according to an update at the Oct. 7 school board meeting.

Nichols Elementary School will likely close enrollment around the holiday break, capping enrollment at about 820 students, Scott Warstler, FISD executive director of operations, said at the meeting.

Liscano Elementary School stopped accepting new students on Oct. 2. Spears Elementary School may close enrollment in spring 2020, but Warstler said the school could possibly make it to the summer or fall 2020.

Most of the district’s elementary schools are built to accommodate 760 students, according to FISD’s website. If a school’s enrollment reaches 100 students or more above that capacity, officials have the option of closing the school to new students, the site stated. Each school’s enrollment is considered on a case-by-case basis, the site stated.

Spears Elementary School recently popped up on the district’s radar for projected enrollment closure, Warstler said. This is due to an increase in urban living near the Dallas North Tollway and SH 121.

“We do want to make sure that people are aware that, at some point, before we hit the 2021-22 school year, we will probably close [Spears Elementary School] and overflow to [Smith Elementary School],” Warstler said at the meeting.

In the event of enrollment closures this school year, students moving into the attendance zones for the following schools will be sent to different schools:

  • Liscano Elementary School to Norris Elementary School
  • Nichols Elementary School to Bledsoe Elementary School
  • Spears Elementary School to Smith Elementary School

Editor’s note: The original post has been edited to correct errors. The district is looking to close enrollment at Spears Elementary School and may overflow to Smith Elementary School. Spears could possibly make it to the summer or fall 2020. Nichols Elementary School’s enrollment would be capped at about 820 students. In addition, two campuses have exceeded capacity, according to the district.

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  1. Norris Elementary seems an optimal place to rezone students from Liscano, as Norris is considerably under capacity. Nichols could also rezone students to nearby Fisher Elementary as it too, is way below capacity. Wondering why the district doesn’t consider rezoning some students from Spears to Shawnee Trail rather than Smith? Shawnee Trail is about the same distance from Spears Elementary but is further below capacity than Smith.

  2. Sending Spears students to Smith won’t happen long. It too is nearing capacity, thanks to a new neighborhood & 3 new apartment complexes completed in the last 2 years (one of which just got the green light to add over 200 more units!). Frisco has been short-sighted greenlighting so many apartments in this zone, as some of the neighborhoods in the zone do NOT have HOAs which prevent the number of leased homes. The neighborhoods will likely still have a steady stream of students versus aging out.

  3. Frisco zoning doesn’t have a clue. High density buildings and multifamily developments are killing the city.

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