Frisco ISD board trustees received another security update during Monday’s school board meeting.

FISD Director of Security Kevin Haller once again presented to the board security measures that are currently in place at the district. Read more about the district’s security measures here

Haller also presented some new measures, which include a newly formed high school security group made up of 27 students from all high school campuses, and a high school principal committee to explore safety and security ideas. Another new measure included active shooter training for substitute teachers. More than 100 substitutes participated in the training.

Haller said the security department continues to evaluate and vet any security recommendations made to the district. Haller said if any of the recommendations seem plausible, he will make a presentation of those recommendations to the board at a later date.

April 20 school walkout

A group of students present at the meeting told board members that high school students across the district plan to walk out on National School Walkout Day on April 20. The walkout is to bring attention to the recent school shootings that have taken place. The walkout is expected to start at 10 a.m.

Haley Ott, a Centennial High School student, told the board that student organizers sympathize with the district’s precautionary approach to school safety; the walkout is to make a larger point on gun law reform.

Ott listed a number of policies she and her fellow peers would like local and state politicians to consider.

"For too long local politicians who represent the people have remained complacent through the refusal to help to end the ruthless murder of thousands of Americans," Ott said. "Students are the change, and we must mobilize those at Frisco ISD to take interest and participate in safety as well as the safety of others."

Ott said the intention of the walkout is not to take away any class time but rather to use that time to impact change at FISD.

"The most effective way for us to fight for our safety is to ensure that the voices of our fellow students are heard, a step that we can and will be taken during our walkout April 20,” Ott said.