Since opening in January 2022, Vrindavan has specialized in providing a dining experience unlike other Indian restaurants, general manager Camila Perez said.

Along with serving North Indian cuisines, the restaurant is also 100% vegetarian.

“We’re very special,” Perez said. “We are unique. You’re not going to find something like us around here. There is a ton of Indian food, but nothing is going to be North Indian food.”

What’s special about it?

The restaurant serves thali, a traditional and complete meal including a variety of dishes served on a single platter.

“It’s very authentic in the way we serve it,” Perez said, adding that Vrindavan has three thalis alternating throughout the week, each featuring different primary dishes and sides.

Additionally, the restaurant was featured in the New York Times’ list of 25 of the best dishes across the country in 2022 for its Khichdi, a dish made of rice and lentils.

What’s on the menu?

The Rajasthani thali is offered on Mondays and Fridays and includes dal bati churma, or wheat rolls served in ghee and topped with ground wheat cooked with sugar for a sweet and savory flavor. The thali also comes with several sides, such as dhokla khaman, a savory cake and jeera rice.

The Brijwasi thali is served on Wednesdays and Saturdays and on Thursdays and Sundays, Vrindavan offers the Delhi 6 thali, both serving a main course with various sides.

Quote of note

“We want to provide a special and unique experience for anyone that comes through our doors,” Perez said. “It’s not your usual menu. We have it ready for you, and we’ll take care of you while you're here.”