Because of Frisco’s demographics, the menu at Spitz Mediterranean Street Foods in Frisco looks a bit different than other locations, General Manager Sam Patel said.

Many of the dishes on the Spitz Frisco menu are infused with spices traditionally used in Indian cuisine, Patel said, adding that they are specific to the Frisco location.

The restaurant first opened in September 2022, Patel said, adding that he and the staff work hard to set the restaurant apart from similar concepts.

What’s special about it?

Patel said everything in the restaurant is housemade, including sauces and dressings.

“The thing is that we check the quality,” Patel said. “I have a passion for cooking, so I keep a very close watch of the quality of the food.”

Patel said he allows improvisation in the kitchen, and as a result, the sauces in the Frisco location are a little different than they are at other locations.

“The owners of Spitz have flown in to try our sauces,” Patel said. “They really liked them.”

Spitz is a health-conscience restaurant and caters to several dietary restrictions, Patel said, adding that the menu offers vegetarian and vegan options.

“We take [food allergies] very seriously,” Patel said. “If someone comes who has food allergies, I’ll be in the kitchen making sure it does not get in their food.”

What’s on the menu?

Popular menu items include the street cart wrap, which features garlic aioli, fried lavash chips, romaine, cabbage, tomato, onion, green pepper, cucumber, tzatziki and a choice of protein.

Other popular dishes include the Mediterranean wrap, which includes hummus, olives, feta, romaine, cabbage, tomato, onion, green pepper, cucumber, and tzatziki; and the gyro, which features feta spread, Berliner sauce, tzatziki, onion, tomato and fries wrapped in pita bread.

“It’s really popular,” Patel said. “It’s the garlic aioli taste that people tend to love the most.”