After working with Nashville hot chicken restaurant Crimson Coward for their digital marketing needs, Hassan Bawab decided to open a location in Frisco.

“I own a marketing agency, and I have been doing marketing services for Crimson Coward since 2019,” Bawab said. “I liked the concept because of the unique products they have.”

In addition, Bawab owns the Texas franchise rights, meaning that any new restaurants in Texas will go under his umbrella. As a result, Bawab works to train and support new franchise owners by helping them select and build out new locations.

What’s special about it?

Chicken from Crimson Coward is never frozen, Bawab said, adding that the cooks will bread and fry the chicken when a customer places their order. In addition, all sauces are made in-house daily.

“We don’t have food warmers,” Bawab said. “Nothing is premade.”

Additionally, the chicken is hormone-free, Bawab said, and is also halal.

“Having cooked-to-order and fresh food is extremely important,” Bawab said. “It makes a big difference.”

What’s on the menu

Crimson Coward serves five levels of spice, Bawab said, with the spiciest level called burn baby burn. The restaurant offers tenders and sandwiches, but it also has specialty items, such as chicken and waffles and a dish called Joey-eat-fries, which features chopped chicken, crimson sauce, slaw, pickles and cheese served over a plate of french fries.

Crimson Coward also serves burrito wraps and hamburgers, called the sNashburger, which features the Nashville hot flavors usually associated with chicken.