Nestled inside a strip mall on Coit Road is La Creme Bakery Cafe, a small shop serving handmade pastries, breads, cakes and other treats.

Executive Chef Azhagarasi Azhagiri and owner Senthil Palani opened the bakery in June 2022. They’ve been serving the Frisco community for a little over a year, but they aren’t bakery rookies.

Inspired by their desire for fresh food, the couple opened La Creme Bakery Cafe in their home country of India in 2013 before moving to the United States.

“We were looking for good quality pastries and cake,” Palani said. “We looked around and we couldn't get quality ones. Wherever we [went], like regular supermarkets, [everything is] already made. For example, when they sell croissants, it's not fresh. They make them somewhere else; they’re frozen.”

While operating their first store, the couple hired underprivileged women in India, who were trained by Azhagiri. The store in India is still open and is run by local women. Even though the two La Creme locations are on two different continents, the goal to provide customers with fresh, handmade food made from pure ingredients remains the same.

“Our mission is ... we want to give better quality bakery products at an affordable price,” Palani said. “That's what we do here. All our products are mid-range.”

In addition to serving fresh, preservative-free baked goods, Azhagiri said she tries to avoid ingredients like nuts, gelatin and alcohol that can prevent people of different cultures or people with allergies from eating her products. While the kitchen is not completely gluten-free, Azhagiri said she tries to provide a gluten-friendly environment.

“We try to run a bakery and [provide] a product for everyone, vegetarians, vegans and different kinds of religious people,” Azhagiri said.

Among the bakery’s most popular options are banana bread, croissants and chocolate ganache cake. The bakery also offers custom cakes for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.

Top three items to try at La Creme
  • Chocolate ganache cake: $4.99/slice
  • Eclairs: $5.50
  • Tarts: $3.99-$4.50
La Creme Bakery Cafe

6549 Coit Road, Ste. 118, Frisco