Mixed-use developments could become the new standard for multifamily housing in Frisco, city leaders say.

One example of an upcoming mixed-use multifamily project is at Hall Park, which will feature office towers, a hotel, a park and a residential tower.

In case you missed it

Leaders say the city has been leaning away from strictly apartments-only developments for decades.

Mayor Jeff Cheney commented on the number of apartments in Frisco at a June 5 town hall, saying the city has been overall favoring single-family homes over multifamily.

“Our planning staff, as well as City Council’s, over decades have been hard at work at reducing the multifamily counts in our city,” Cheney said at the town hall.

One decadeslong city project was reducing the number of land zoned for apartments and negotiating with landowners to move away from apartment-only buildings, Cheney said.

“At one point in the city of Frisco, there were 80,000 zoned apartments,” Cheney said. “Our count now [is] under 20,000.”

Going forward, Frisco residents can expect to see an emphasis on mixed-development projects with apartments and offices combined as a way to bring in more “work-live-play ecosystems,” Cheney said.

“You're not going to see future zoning approved, and haven't seen zoning approved, for any type of project that does not meet that criteria,” Cheney said. “That is something that we've been diligent about.”

What to expect

The “work-live-play” developments the city is hoping to focus on are projects that complement the area they are located in, such as The Star or around the PGA, Cheney said.

Any new apartment-only development will be because of legacy zoning, Cheney said.

“If the landowner did get zoning 20 years ago, they do have the right to act on that zoning,” Cheney said.

Residents can watch a full recording of the June 5 town hall here.