A new brewery is headed for downtown Frisco.

Frisco City Council unanimously approved Mandalyn and David Wible’s request to build and operate their brewery, Three Empires Brewing Co., in downtown Frisco’s historic Ford Building during its late-night March 7 meeting.

“Congratulations and welcome,” Mayor Jeff Cheney said.

The brewery was first recommended for City Council approval at a Feb. 28 Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. It will serve as one out of a small handful of local breweries in the Frisco area as breweries were prohibited from operating within city limits until 2020.

As longtime Frisco residents, the Wibles also have a long history in homebrewing and hoped to bring it to the city where they were married and where their son was born, Mandalyn said.

“We’ve been homebrewing for about 10 years,” Mandalyn said. “[Frisco is] home to us and we're excited to be part of the downtown community.”

Located on the corner of Fifth Street and Main Street, the 1,300-square-foot brewery will feature a small brewing and fermenting room, a tasting area and indoor seating, according to meeting documents.

“Our brewery is pretty small,” Mandalyn said. “We only have a one-barrel system.”

The brewery itself will be situated between two existing retail spaces inside the Ford Building, according to meeting documents.

Three Empires Brewing Co. has been trying to find footing in Frisco since 2021, Mandalyn Wible said at the Feb. 28 meeting. It almost became a reality in 2022 when it secured a spot in the Main Street Food Hall proposal, but the project’s owner chose to terminate the development before it opened.

With the go-ahead for its new Rail District location now secured from city officials, Mandalyn Wible and her husband are planning for the brewery to open this summer.

“This is our little dream come true,” Mandalyn said.