A final verdict on Universal Parks and Resorts’ request to build a theme park could be just around the corner.

Frisco city officials voted to once again table their decision regarding the 90-acre zoning request for Universal Kids Frisco at a joint Frisco City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission meeting Feb. 21.

“March 7 we’ll be prepared to take a vote on this project,” Mayor Jeff Cheney said.

Tabling the decision allows city staff and residents more time to further discuss the request before the upcoming March 7 meeting. Until then, public dialogue is encouraged and should continue before a decision is made, Commissioner Steve Cone said.

“I hope no one has decided,” Cone said.

A public hearing was held before the meeting, allowing residents time to share their thoughts on the proposal directly to council and planning and zoning members.

Of the more than 45 attendees filling the City Council chambers, 14 stepped forward to offer both positive and negative perspectives. A majority of the speakers were from Cobb Hill, a neighborhood directly across from the proposed site of the 30-acre theme park.

The city has offered similar opportunities for residents to speak in the past, including a public hearing Feb. 7, a meet and greet Feb. 4, meetings between Universal and city representatives with local neighborhoods and a town hall Jan. 11 after the city first announced the news on the theme park.

Many speakers restated long-standing concerns with the theme park, including the effect on traffic and increased crime in the area.

“There are people asking questions today that other people learned the answer to weeks ago,” Cone said.

City staff have posted several online resources at residents’ request since the project was first announced, including a traffic comparison and possible traffic flow map.

Concerned residents should also visit the proposed site in person to get a better understanding of what the impact will be and how the city can handle it, Cone said.

“Universal is asking us to do something really big,” Cone said. “To be the research and development city where they’re going to try this big, bold new project.”

More opportunities for residents of Cobb Hill to share concerns will be scheduled for the future, Cheney said.

A more detailed presentation of the theme park will be shown at the meeting March 7 before the city makes its final decision, Cheney said.

“You’re really going to start painting the picture of what this project is,” Cheney said.

More information and updates about Universal Kids Frisco can be found on the city’s website.