A proposed change in zoning moved past the Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission and will now head to City Council.

The commission voted 5-0 to approve rezoning a 15.9-acre parcel of land on the southeast corner of Independence Parkway and Rolater Road at a May 24 meeting.

The property is zoned retail and was proposed to become single-family 8.5, which means each lot will be a minimum 8,500 square feet.

City staff reports said approximately 30 homes could be built on the property, and rezoning will eliminate 13.1 acres of retail space. The only concern expressed from a resident was that townhomes or smaller homes would be built on the site.

Commission Chair Rob Cox said the single-family 8.5 would not allow smaller or different style homes to be built. City staff said the rezoning is consistent with existing homes south and east of the land.

“Thirty homes will make a very nice neighborhood,” Commissioner Ed Kelly said before his vote supporting rezoning.