Frisco Station office space, furniture warehouse approved by planning and zoning commission


Office space, a warehouse building and a child care facility were approved by the Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission at an Oct. 8 meeting.

The commission approved a replat and site plan for an office building and parking structure at Frisco Station on the corner of John Hickman Parkway and Cowboys Way. The parking structure is intended to accommodate for the office building, according to city documents.

IBB Designs, a brand-name furniture and designer home accessories business, was approved for a replat to add a warehouse on 5.5 acres of Genesis Court east of Dallas Parkway.

Located in Centennial Office Park, a specific-use permit was approved for a child care center. The center will be on a portion of a lot less than an acre in size.

Several items were not approved by the commission, including open space and site plans for a college building at Collin College’s Preston Ridge campus.

The project fails to meet the city’s subdivision ordinance, zoning ordinance, engineering standards and other city codes, according to a city report.

Since Texas House Bill 3167 went into effect Sept. 1, the city must respond to site plans and other development plans within 30 calendar days. The law is dubbed the “Shot Clock Bill.”

The project for the college building was originally submitted Sept. 16, according to a city report.

“We want to work with our partners and our developers, but under the shot clock the state has given us, we have to be pretty firm,” commission Chair Robert Cox said at the meeting.

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  1. Didn’t realize Frisco had a zoning department based on the disaster that Frisco has become. How about Frisco zoning starts doing financial due diligence into developers to avoid nightmares like that at the SE corner of Lebanon and the Tollway! Multi family keeps going up, high density buildings keep going up and the traffic is absolutely a nightmare. How any magazine rates Frisco a top place to live is comical. Maybe 20 years ago but not now!

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