Stonebriar Park residents express concerns regarding office building at Frisco Station


The Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission tabled a request from Frisco Station developers after Stonebriar Park residents came out in full force Tuesday night to express concerns regarding the seven-story building adjacent from the neighborhood.

Frisco Station Partners, LLC had a request on the agenda to amend a zoning ordinance and add a comprehensive sign package to its planned development. However, residents of the Stonebriar Park neighborhood, adjacent of Frisco Station, wanted the commission to table the item.

Bob Campbell, Stonebriar Park Homeowners Association president, said the residents did not know much information about the request Frisco Station made Tuesday night and asked the commission to table the item so residents could meet with the developer to express concerns.

Campbell said that the neighborhood had not been properly notified that the office building at Frisco Station along Warren Parkway was going to be seven stories, have LED lighting strips and security cameras at the top of the building. Residents also had issues with the lighting from the parking garage next to the office building.

“We just wanted to have the opportunity to talk to the developers and find solutions to these problems,” Campbell said.

Campbell said the residents want the high-power LED lighting to be eliminated from the building, the parking garage lighting to be shaded and to lower the security cameras so they don’t peer into their backyards.

“We’re here begging you as citizens and homeowners to table this request and encourage Frisco Station Partners to negotiate with us in good faith to resolve our disputes,” Campbell told the commission.

The commission asked Frisco Station Partners representatives if they would be willing to make modifications to the buildings based on residents’ concerns. Representatives said they would be open to discussing those modifications but said they would still like to move forward with their request.

The commission unanimously voted to table to item until the Nov. 28 meeting and encourage the developer to meet with residents to resolve any disputes.

Frisco Station representatives said they had no comment regarding the vote or how they would move forward.

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