Frisco is overseeing the distribution of $6.7 million in federal funding for housing and living assistance for Collin County residents from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

Frisco City Council approved a resolution June 2 to provide the funding to seven agencies for their outreach and work during the coronavirus pandemic in Frisco, Celina and Prosper. Additionally, Frisco Family Services will receive $110,000 for food cards as well as food and perishable items.

Collin County distributed the federal funding to the cities of Plano, Frisco, Allen and McKinney, Director of Financial Services Anita Cothran said. Those cities agreed to administer the funds, with Frisco being allocated $6.7 million for its ZIP codes as well as those in Prosper and Celina.

The housing grants provide assistance to Collin County residents who are in or near default on their lease or mortgage, and those in danger of losing their housing unit because of the coronavirus public health emergency. It will also provide for assistance with utilities and food for families whose incomes have been affected by the public health emergency.

“Every city got $525,000 allocated to go to food cards,” Cothran said. “Of that $525,000, we're going to give $110,000 to Frisco Family Services, because that's what they asked for. Then the rest will get allocated to other agencies.”

The agencies to receive the emergency housing and living assistance funding through the city of Frisco are:

• Catholic Charities will receive $2,766,000;

• Allen Community Outreach will receive $1,643,898;

• Jewish Family Services will receive $1,125,000;

• Cornerstone Assistance Network will receive $200,000;

• Assistance Center of Collin County will receive $90,000;

• Wellness Center of Collin County will receive $45,000; and

• Texas Women’s Muslim Foundation will receive $25,000.

To apply for emergency housing and living assistance grants, Frisco residents who live in Collin County should visit the county website. Frisco residents who live in Denton County can visit the United Way of Denton County website.

Cothran explained Denton County is directing its federal funding for emergency housing and living assistance grants through the county United Way.

“[United Way of Denton County] is then directing it to North Texas Cares, who will then disperse it to agencies to disperse to residents that live in Denton County,” Cothran said. “So the city [of Frisco] has nothing to do with [distributing the funds].”

Cothran said both counties are currently accepting applications for the emergency living and housing assistance grants. Council Member Tim H. Nelson then asked how residents who may not know which county they live in can determine that information. Cothran suggested residents could do a property search for their home address through the websites for the Collin Central Appraisal District and Denton Central Appraisal District.

“That’s one thing you might want to check in order to save yourself time and effort,” Nelson said of those wishing to apply for a grant. “If you need this, you want to make sure you’re going the most efficient route as possible.”