While the coronavirus pandemic caused some significant changes to Farm2Cook’s daily operations, the Frisco butcher shop has been able to continue supplying customers with locally raised meats and grocery products.

“The type of milk, the type of eggs, the type of yogurt that you'll find in our store, you're not going to find anywhere else,” co-founder Nathan Pinto said. “While you’ve probably never been to a halal butcher shop, when it comes to finding [meat] that's hormone-free, antibiotic-free and pasture-raised, you can feel really safe about the quality that you'll find with us.”

Farm2Cook has its own 100-acre farm in Greenville to raise goats, lambs and chickens for the shop. The business then has the animals processed in a way that complies with the Islamic religious requirements to be considered halal.

“The most important things are our quality meat and serving our customers,” Pinto said. “And obviously serving our customers has changed because the needs of the customers have evolved.”

Farm2Cook started as a home delivery service in 2017 before opening its Frisco location in March 2019. When the pandemic struck, Farm2Cook reduced its operating hours to add in time to sanitize the store daily, Pinto said.

“We’ve put in strict social distancing methods,” Pinto said. “No one can come within six feet of the butchers. We’ve taped off different areas. That keeps our employees safe, and it keeps the customer safe.”

In addition to stocking fresh meat and dairy products, Farm2Cook offers contactless curbside pickup every day.

“There are some products that grocery stores are having a lot less consistently than us, products like milk and eggs,” Pinto said. “We've seen that there's been an increase in demand for some of those products.”

Pinto said the curbside pickup service has proven challenging at times because some employees chose to take a break from work during the pandemic. Still, he said the service has drawn new customers to the butcher shop.

“It's been nice to have new customers come to our store, attracted by the contactless curbside option,” Pinto said. “They've had the chance to experience the difference in quality that we provide, and hopefully those customers [will] continue to visit with us.”

The shop is located at 2693 Preston Road, Ste. 1020, in Frisco. Hours are noon to 8 p.m. daily. Visit www.farm2cook.com to learn more.