More than 8,000 Frisco residents filed for unemployment insurance between March 18-April 18, according to data from the Texas Workforce Commission.

The commission released a new interactive mapping tool in late April, which breaks down unemployment insurance claims at the ZIP code level. According to the data, 8,075 unemployment insurance claimants reside within the Frisco area, accounting for about 4.1% of the area's total estimated population of 196,735.

By comparison, during that same time period Collin County had 43,434 unemployment insurance claimants, which accounts for roughly 4.26% of the county's total population of 1,018,952. Denton County had 40,336 unemployment insurance claimants during that time frame, which accounts for roughly 4.68% of the county's total population of 861,357.

Of the total number of claimants in Frisco, 3,320 are men, and 4,755 are women. Additionally, 5,651 claimants were considered monetarily eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits, while 2,424 were considered not monetarily eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits, the data showed.

According to the April 27 data, ZIP code 75035 had the most claimants, with 3,024 residents filing for benefits. ZIP code 75034 had the second highest number in the city with 2,274 claimants, followed by ZIP code 75033 with 1,645 claimants. ZIP code 75036 had the least number of claimants with 1,132 people filing for benefits.

To file for unemployment insurance with the Texas Workforce Commission, click here or call 800-939-6631. To view more than 484,000 job openings across the state of Texas, click here.