Frisco ISD students in Advanced Placement courses can take their exams for college credit online and at home following changes by the College Board for the 2019-20 school year.

All AP exams will be taken at home by students using a laptop, desktop, digital tablet or cellphone with internet access, according to the College Board website. The exams will be open-resource and timed at 45 minutes with an additional five minutes for uploading documents for test submission.

College Board established new testing rules for AP exams this school year as a response to the coronavirus outbreak that has canceled in-person instruction across the nation. FISD began digital instruction, or e-learning, March 17.

The district’s AP teachers will provide specific information to students during e-learning and will prepare students for the new process leading up to the AP exams, FISD Chief Academic Officer Wes Cunningham said to the board of trustees at an April 7 meeting.

Per College Board’s website, additional changes to AP exams include:

  • no multiple-choice questions, and different AP courses will have free-response questions or one document-based question;

  • world language exams will only include an oral speaking component;

  • U.S. history, European history and world history will include on document-based question with five documents;

  • portfolio submissions for art and capstone courses have been extended to May 26; and

  • students may not collaborate with other people during the exam, and protocols will be in place to monitor for academic dishonesty.

To find out test dates and more information, click here.