A special runoff election to determine the winners for two Collin College seats from the May 6 election day will take place June 10, according to a Frisco Chamber of Commerce announcement.

How we got here

Runoff elections are typically called if none of the candidates won 50% plus one vote, according to the announcement. This is the case for two Collin College board of trustees seats and their candidates.

Here are the candidates that will make another appearance on the ballot and the percentage of the vote they won May 6.
  • Place 2: Jay Saad (44%), Scott Coleman (49%)
  • Place 3: Stacey Donald (45%), Cathie Alexander (42%)
Going forward

Registered voters, regardless of if they voted May 6, are able to vote in the runoff election without any additional registration.

More Collin County election information can be found here.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to correct an error. Jay Saad and Scott Coleman will appear on the ballot for Place 2. Stacey Donald and Cathie Alexander will appear on the ballot for Place 3.