The Frisco Police Department is getting upgrades to its rescue gear and gun range.

Frisco City Council members approved three contracts for its police department during its April 18 meeting, totaling $369,571.70, according to meeting documents.

Here is a breakdown of how the money will be spent and where it comes from.

An armored rescue vehicle

The largest purchase approved at the April 18 meeting was $184,136.70 to buy an armored rescue vehicle. While the money to buy the vehicle comes from a North Central Texas Council of Governments and Urban Area Security Initiative grant, the city is required to match the purchase with funds from its fiscal year 2024 budget.

The vehicle will “enhance response for the Frisco Police Patrol, SWAT, and Tactical Medics section for catastrophic events such as terrorism and safeguarding local establishments,” according to a statement in the meeting documents.

Specifics regarding the vehicle itself were not specified in the meeting documents, and it was simply referred to as a “Security Initiative-SWAT Enhancement Equipment- Armored Rescue Vehicle,” according to meeting documents.

Rapid entry equipment

Another agreement was for a $90,435 purchase from Knox Co., the business behind Knox Box security devices used in multiple Frisco businesses and multifamily complexes.

The agreement itself was to purchase 100 KeyDefender assemblies and brackets, a compact key control system designed for passenger vehicles, according to meeting documents.

“These keys allow officers to have immediate access to a Knox Box for businesses, schools and multifamily complexes without waiting for either the fire department or a supervisor to arrive to access the area,” according to a summary statement included in the meeting documents.

This purchase will be funded by the Department of Justice’s Emergency Access to Multi-Family Complexes Grant, according to meeting documents. As part of the agreement, officers are forbidden from using the keys to enter any Frisco businesses or homes unless in an emergency situation when it is the only means of entry.

Gun range renovations

An agreement with McKinstry Essention LLC was approved to allocate $95,000 for ventilation renovations at the police department’s gun range.

As is, the ventilation in the gun range is causing negative air pressure and “leaded air flow” toward the building’s occupants, according to meeting documents.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stressed the necessity of proper air ventilation at gun ranges to filter away the lead dust leftover from a firearm discharge.

The $95,000 will only cover the project’s design costs, according to meeting documents. The cost of the whole project could be $1.15 million, according to a construction estimate, but only the $95,000 is due now.

A price maximum for the renovations is being discussed by city staff and McKinstry representatives. Once a maximum is agreed upon, it will go before council members again for review and approval.