Some Frisco residents could be voting at a new location May 6.

Frisco City Council approved two ordinances moving the polling location for voter precincts 2081 and 1024 during its March 21 meeting.

The ordinance came at the request from Denton County officials who were concerned about the number of voter precincts all assigned the same election day location at Frisco’s Fire Station No. 7, according to meeting documents.

“After we had called the election, Denton County has gone and looked at all the precincts in our city but also outside of the city limits and decided that Fire Station No. 7 on Stonebrook Parkway has more people than they would like to, coming to it,” City Secretary Kristi Morrow said.

Too many people trying to vote at the same location on election day could cause unnecessarily long waiting times, Morrow said.

“That’s not because of Frisco citizens but citizens from outside the city limits,” Morrow said. “So, [Denton County officials] asked us to pull two of our precincts: Denton County precincts 2081 and 1024 and have them go to Fire Station No. 4 instead.”

Fire Station No. 4, located on Cotton Gin Road, is also the polling place for three other precincts, according to meeting documents.

Residents casting their ballot during the early-voting period will not be affected by the ordinance as early-voting ballots can be cast at any polling location in the resident’s county, Morrow said.

“Early voting is no issue,” Morrow said. “Denton County citizens can vote anywhere. But on election day, you're gonna have a certain amount of people that they anticipate to show up to these fire stations.”

The exact number of residents affected by the ordinance is something only Denton County officials know, Morrow said. However, city staff is planning to post updated voter location information online ahead of the May 6 election day.

“We have all of our website information out there that will tell everyone where they should be going,” Morrow said.

Residents can find their voting precinct and check their voter registration at the Texas secretary of state’s voter portal website. Information on Frisco’s upcoming election can be found on the city’s official election website.