The Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved six changes to amend the zoning of the Fields development at its June 28 meeting.

The applicant proposed these amendments to accommodate “changes to the development plan, adjust for market changes and align with updates to city ordinances,” according to meeting documents.

Among the changes was removing the public park that was in the plan for the gated community of The Preserve, which is part of the Fields development.

“Since it's a gated subdivision, it’s exclusive, so you can’t put a public park [there],” Frisco’s Development Services Director John Lettelleir said.

The commission also approved a proposal to add three more types of signage to the development. They are “architectural roof signs, electronic changeable wall signs and supergraphic wall signs,” according to meeting documents.

Additional changes included changing the side yard setback, removing distance restrictions on alcoholic beverage sales and changing open space requirements, though Lettelleir noted the change would not reduce the open space or parkland associated with the Fields development.

Lastly, the council approved a revision to the Fields Urban Streets cross sections “to permit the width of the driving lane to vary beyond the 24-foot required minimum,” according to the agenda packet from the June 28 meeting.

Everything but the approved changes listed above will remain the same.

Ed Kelly, the commission’s vice chair, said this was a long-term project, and changes like this are expected.

"You would expect there to be changes as time goes on, and it’s been two years,” he said. “These are revisions that are necessary and in line with what we approved before.”