A neighborhood to be located at the southeast corner of FM 423 and Rockhill Parkway in Frisco has received its first green light.

The Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission on Dec. 14 approved a rezoning request for nearly 158 acres related to the future Hazelwood neighborhood. Plans submitted to the city include 327 lots and a density of 2.1 units per acre.

The commission first tabled plans for the neighborhood Oct. 12. Concerns cited by commissioners included lot density and a lack of open space on the neighborhood’s east side. The commission also requested larger lots on the east side of Hazelwood, which is adjacent to the Hollyhock neighborhood. On Nov. 9, the commission further discussed requested changes to Hazelwood in a work session.

Previous plans for Hazelwood included 405 lots and a density of 2.6 units per acre. Alongside reduced lots and a lighter density, larger home lots are now planned on the side adjacent to Hollyhock.

In addition, usable open space in Hazelwood is now up to 12.7 acres from 9 acres.

“I feel like this is a textbook case of just really good partnership in working with [Frisco] staff and spending a lot of behind-the-scenes time and effort into making something excellent and right,” Commissioner Brittany Colberg said.