The city of Frisco’s COVID-19 vaccine site at Stonebriar Centre mall has begun pulling from the Collin County vaccine waitlist for appointments, County Administrator Bill Bilyeu told commissioners during their March 1 meeting.

Previously, Frisco was booking appointments independent of Collin County, operating its own signup process. Now, Bilyeu said the site is pulling exclusively from the Collin County waitlist.

Bilyeu lauded the logistics around Frisco’s operation at Stonebriar Centre and told commissioners the city has invited them to visit the vaccination site.

“The city of Frisco has made a commitment to it,” Bilyeu said. “It’s a pretty well-set-up process.”

Additional signups to the Collin County waitlist are still temporarily frozen, and working through the several thousand who were registered on the waitlist prior to the Feb. 8 freeze remains what Bilyeu calls an “incredible burden.”

Despite the looming number, Bilyeu said progress is being made at inoculating those on the list. As of the March 1 meeting, Bilyeu said about 124,000 are still on the waitlist, down from about 275,000 when the freeze occurred.

The county administrator added that staff is encountering more unresponsive waitlist entries as they work through the queue. Bilyeu said those who do not respond are assumed to have received a vaccine elsewhere and are removed from the list.