Frisco police shut off remaining red-light camera on Preston Road


Frisco’s last red-light camera on Preston Road and Gaylord Parkway has been shut off following the June 1 passage of House Bill 1631 into law, Frisco police Deputy Chief David Shilson said in a statement.

The city had up to five cameras at one point but deactivated four of them in the past two years.

Shilson said 50% of red-light camera program revenue went into traffic safety initiatives, such as motor vehicle enforcement programs and training, battery backup systems, pedestrian flashers, school-zone signs and public education efforts. The revenue also funded the Shattered Dreams program, which is designed to educate students and the community about underage drinking and driving through a dramatization of an alcohol-related incident. The other half of the revenue went to the state to fund regional trauma centers.

“As far as how those things will be funded now, that remains to be seen,” Shilson said.

A report shows crashes at Preston and Gaylord decreased from 20 between 2010 and 2011 to seven crashes between 2016 and 2017. Moving forward without the red-light camera, Shilson said Frisco police will adjust accordingly to the change.

“We’ll continue to focus on safe roadways,” Shilson said.

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  1. Causation without correlation.

    – Perhaps the area was considered more rural in 2011 and people cheated the light where in later years traffic increased to point of cautiousness.

    – Possibly cars had improved performance or visibility to some meaningful level.

    – Possibly the police adjusted the poor timing before realizing it wasn’t ideal and wanted to limit complaints about it not being just. (Most likely).

    I’ve been in Frisco 15 yes and didn’t know that camera exists. Also curious about why only one year before was shown. Not the best for attempting to prove case..

  2. There’s no need for red light cameras to prevent accidents from cars running through them.
    All they had to do is wait 3 or 4 seconds to turn the red light to green after the other side has
    turned red. Witch is what they already do at most intersections here in Frisco. There will always be a time when cars get caught in a zone where it’s too far to get
    across the intersection and too short to stop before being in the middle of the intersection.
    It doesn’t matter what speed you’re doing. Sooner or later you’re going to be in that no man’s
    land. Even cops and judges get caught in that situation at some point if they drive. And if they
    want to fund all those programs, they can use some of the multitudes of millions they taking
    in now from all of this growth.

  3. Wonderful. I actually got a ticket from that red-light camera on Preston a few years back. I know exactly where it is. It’s near the giant Frisco Mall, one on each side facing north and south as you leave Planother going north to Frisco or vice versa. If you put one inch of your bumper beyond the white line at the intersection after the light goes red, the’ve got you. I remember that night. I could see the flash in my rear mirror and I said, “Oh $%!#.” My ticket was questionable but nevertheless, the city wouldn’t reverse it.

    Pleased to know that it has now been undone.

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