Frisco City Council tabled a rezoning request that would allow a multilevel shopping center with additional retail, office, hotel and urban living residential on 77 acres south of US 380 and west of Dallas Parkway.

The proposal has been tabled until the Sept. 4 meeting.

Several council members expressed concern regarding the multifamily component of the development. Some council members also questioned the concept of the development and whether it would be successful.

Lesso America, a subsidiary of building material manufacturer China Lesso Group Holdings Ltd., is planning the development, which is planned to to have an enclosed shopping center with showrooms for Chinese-brand home products as well as other retail and restaurants.

Barry Hand, a principal at architecture and design firm Gensler, said the development is a concept that is successful in Asia and one that Lesso would like to bring to the United States.

"In a very loose way, think of it as a Chinese IKEA," Hand said. "How IKEA brings Scandinavian manufacturing together into one collection of home goods and housewares, [it's a] similar concept that Lesso has in bringing Chinese manufacturing."

The development is planned to have three different districts: a frontage district with a mixture of retail, hotel and office; a lifestyle district that would contain most of the retail with one urban living tower; and a southern district that would contain mostly urban living units, as well as some office, hotel and retail space.

Council Member Shona Huffman said the plans for the development did not originally include multifamily units when the project was first presented to the council at a work session. Council Member Will Sowell said if the original plans had included multifamily units, the council's feedback on the development might have been different.

The property would be allowed to have a maximum of 1,200 multifamily units if it is rezoned.