CENSUS: Frisco ranks as No. 1 fastest-growing U.S. city


U.S. Census population estimates released this week reveal that Frisco was the No. 1 fastest-growing city nationally in 2016-17.

Frisco’s population increased 8.2 percent between July 1, 2016 and July 1, 2017. In total, the city added 13,470 new people to its population in that time period.

“I think [the ranking]reflects the high quality of life here in Frisco,” Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney said. “There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of demand for people to move to Frisco, and that’s largely because of our great school district, the high quality of life, great amenities, great housing, great shopping. All of those types of things are why people are flocking here.”

Frisco has hovered in the top five spots since 2012-13, landing at the second fastest-growing city in 2015-16.

Seven of the nation’s 15 fastest-growing U.S. cities hail from Texas, according to Census population estimates that rank percentage growth for municipalities exceeding 50,000 in population. Frisco, New Braunfels and Pflugerville topped the overall national rankings, and Georgetown (No. 6), McKinney (No. 9), Flower Mound (No. 11) and Cedar Park (No. 13) also made the cut.

Texas also dominated the 15 most-populated U.S. cities as of July 2017, with an estimated 2.3 million residents in Houston, which ranked fourth overall behind New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. San Antonio (No. 7), Dallas (No. 9) and Austin (No. 11) remain unchanged in rankings, and Fort Worth became the 15th-largest city—knocking Indianapolis out of the top 15.

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  1. Interesting how you think this is a good thing…. it’s not. Obviously you don’t know that those cities are terrible places to live based on the over population of all of them. Personally, I don’t want to compete nor be the fastest growing city. Roads are not accommodating at all. What used to be a 15 minute drive is now 30 or more. You can’t keep up with the demands. I’m sick of sitting on Dallas parkway turning at panther creek for 5 lights because there is only one turn lane and everyone is turning!! If I wanted traffic like that, I’d move to a coastal city where their are beaches to enjoy. Nobody wants the problems of Houston, Los Angeles or New York. We won’t have water!!! You’re just inviting trouble and crime. Growth, especially rapid growth is not always a good thing.

Lindsey Juarez Monsivais
Lindsey has been involved in newspapers in some form since high school. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2014 with a degree in Journalism. While attending UTA, she worked for The Shorthorn, the university's award-winning student newspaper. She was hired as Community Impact Newspaper's first Frisco reporter in 2014. Less than a year later, she took over as the editor of the Frisco edition. Since then, she has covered a variety of topics and issues important to the community, including the city's affordable housing shortage, the state's controversial A-F school accountability system and the city's "Bury the Lines" efforts.
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