The city of Frisco held its first town hall meeting of the year Monday at city hall. A lot of the topics that were discussed dealt with transportation and development.

1. Top 10 priorities

Frisco City Council selected its top 10 priorities for 2018. The priorities include:

1. Traffic: implement innovative systems
2. Start to rebuild capital reserves
3. Performing arts center: develop an arts strategy
4. Legislative plan to protect Frisco
5. Downtown: finish plan and start projects
6. Expand higher education opportunities in frisco
7. Implementation of Frisco Economic Development Corp. strategic and operational changes.
8. Create an identity in the north corridor near US 380, including a destination hotel
9. Plan facility expansion to meet service needs
10. Master plan parks, trails and flood plains that are undeveloped

During the town hall meeting, a video was played with City Council discussing all 10 priorities. For the video, click here.

2. Legacy Drive project

Several residents called in to ask about the Legacy Drive widening project.

The city of Frisco Engineering Department has been evaluating potential improvements to the roadway between Sam Rayburn Tollway and Warren Parkway to improve traffic congestion and the condition of the roadway.

Currently, city staff is researching two preliminary options for roadway improvements, and a traffic engineering study has been prepared. City staff has also continuously engaged with the community for feedback. The city held a town hall about the Legacy Drive widening project Feb. 15, and there are plans for more community engagement, according to city staff.

For more information on the Legacy Drive project, click here.

3. Wade Park update

Many residents asked for an update on Wade Park and what the city plans to do with the land after two lenders filed foreclosure notices on the property.

Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney said the developer of the property, Thomas Land & Development, is working to acquire financing.

Cheney also said while the city did offer an incentive package to the developer for the project, it was performance-based. This means that the developer has to meet standards on the project before receiving any incentive.

4. Autonomous vehicles

A few residents asked what the city plans to do about allowing public transportation.

Cheney said that there will be autonomous buses in Frisco serving the private sector in 2018. He said an announcement is expected soon regarding the use of autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous vehicles are self-driving vehicles and are able to sense their own environment. One of the council’s top priorities is to implement innovative transportation systems.

"[Transportation] is one of the most evolving industries that we have," Cheney said. "How people get around 10 years from now is going to be dramatically different than what we see today. So as a city [we are] very much making sure we're on the leading edge of those technologies."