Growth has been the theme of Frisco Family & Sports Chiropractic, marketing manager Kristin Martens said.

The facility recently relocated because of its growth, Martens said, adding that continued growth is expected and there are plans to add a third doctor to staff.

The backstory

The facility first opened in 2015, Martens said.

The head chiropractor, Jacob Stutz, is the team chiropractor for FC Dallas. Despite both of the facility’s doctors specializing in sports therapy, the practice puts family first, Martens said.

“The traditional chiropractic realm would just be the spine,” Martens said. “We’re going to do the spine obviously, but we’re also going to do the extremities such as shoulder joints, wrist, knees, ankles and stuff like that.”

What they offer

The facility offers traditional chiropractic adjustments that work the cervical, lumbar and thoracic vertebrae Martens said.

Other services include dry needling, which is a pinpoint needle therapy used to treat pain and movement issues. Other physical therapy modalities include electronic stimulation, ultrasound therapy and more.

“All of the modalities we have promote healing in the form of improving blood circulation,” Martens said. “With ultrasound therapy, it creates a phenomenon within our arteries that dilates them...and it allows more blood flow and that means more healing.”

What’s special about it?

The facility goes beyond chiropractics and offers education services, Martens said.

“If someone comes in wanting care, and we’re not the best fit for them, we at least want to educate them to the best of our ability and then point them in the right direction,” Martens said. “We really want to get more involved in the community ... and speak about a chiropractic topic and educate the listener on the beauty of chiropractic.”

Additionally, the facility’s patient-centric care makes it stand out, Martens said.

“One of the first things people notice is that we really do care about our patients,” Martens said. “[We] keep the patient number one. Always.”