While working in a salon, Maggie Perrotta was introduced to sugaring, an alternative to waxing, and it changed her life.

At the time, Perrotta was working to become a cosmetology instructor, but decided to focus on sugaring instead. In May 2019, she opened The Sweetest Thing in Frisco.

The context

The Sweetest Thing offers sugaring, an all-natural form of hair removal. The mixture is made of sugar, water and lemon juice, Perrotta said.

“It’s way more gentle to the skin than a traditional wax,” Perrotta said. “But it requires a lot of specialized education on technique.”

A traditional wax is applied hot and is similar to an adhesive, Perrotta said, adding that it will also remove the skin’s healthy tissue when it is applied to the skin. The sugaring mixture, however, is applied to the skin at room temperature so it does not burn. Additionally, Perrotta said the mixture doesn't adhere to the skin’s healthy tissue because it is water soluble and the skin is water-rich.

“When you apply, it’s not hot so it can’t burn you, and it's not creating any extra sensitivity,” Perrotta said. “It releases completely from your skin without damaging it.”

What’s special about it?

Sugaring is a hand technique, Perrotta said, meaning that the hand is the tool used.

“It takes a lot of specialized, hands-on training to really get your technique down perfectly,” Perrotta said. “I think that we do it absolutely the best.”

Staying local

Because The Sweetest Thing is locally owned, Perrotta said she is able to provide better service than her franchise competitors.

“We really like to develop a report with our clientele,” Perrotta said. “This is a very intimate procedure, and we treat it as such.”

Additionally, several clients travel from out of state because of the relationship they have built. Lastly, Perrotta said everyone who works at The Sweetest Thing is a licensed cosmetologist, including those who work at the front desk.

Quote of note

“Not all sugaring is created equally,” Perrotta said. “Just because you’ve tried it somewhere else, like maybe a big-name company, doesn’t mean you have experienced the very best it could be. Sometimes, little hole-in-the-wall shops like ours are the real deal.”