When Aqua Webb first opened Frisco Massage Therapy in a closet-sized salon space in 2010, she handed out 4,000 coupons offering 70% off as a way to draw in potential clients. Of the 400 coupons that were redeemed, 10 led to clients who still come to see her regularly 13 years later, Webb said.

“For a lot of my clients, I am part of their health care—part of the way that they manage pain, the way that they are able to function in their lives, get through their workday, get through their workouts,” Webb said.

The massage therapy Webb provides is at its best when it is used alongside other forms of health care, Webb said. For example, she would not recommend a client see her immediately after an injury but instead a few weeks later after it has been treated by a doctor but still hurts, Webb said.

“I placed myself in the long-term, the ‘continuing your care’ phase,” Webb said.

As massage therapy deals primarily with a person’s soft tissue, some of Webb’s clients come from referrals from their orthopedic doctors, Webb said. Others see her as well as a personal trainer or on top of other ongoing care, Webb said.

Webb’s oldest client is an 86-year-old getting his ankle treated in preparation for walking around Italy, Webb said. Other clients are Ironman competitors, swimmers, basketball players, office workers, people struggling with chronic pain, people who are recovering from a surgery and more, Webb said.

“Lots of different streams, but they're all directed toward health,” Webb said.

Since it first opened, Frisco Massage Therapy has changed locations until its most recent May 1 relocation to 4645 Wyndham Lane, Ste. 180. Expanding into a new space after being shut down during COVID-19 was both out of necessity due to rising rent costs and a testament to the support of her clients, Webb said.

“A government entity told me I can't work. I don't know that anybody's ever faced that before,” Webb said. “To come out the other side and still saying I'm here [is great], and not only that, but I was able to pivot and become stronger.”

Choosing to name her business Frisco Massage Therapy is an homage to how her success is tied in directly to the city and its people, Webb said.

The city’s commitment to being active, such as the hike and bike trails as well as multiple sports facilities, and the support and understanding from residents has helped her business stay open for so long, Webb said.

“I can’t imagine being anywhere else,” Webb said. “I will retire here and pass this on to somebody else if they want it. I’m definitely here for the long run.”

Take a look at some of Webb’s tips for relieving pains that “desk sitters” who spend eight-plus hours a day sitting down at an office desk might feel.
  • “Sit like you stand": Sit in the chair with a straight spine and shoulders in a relaxed state without hunching over.
  • Get up and move around when possible—even just regularly going to the bathroom or refilling a drink is a good way to get a break.
  • When standing up, try not to lean forward and instead try to push up through the heels and use the body’s lower muscles.
  • Keep elbows at a 90-degree angle when working.
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