Prime IV Hydration & Wellness plans to open its first Frisco location at 3205 Main St., Ste. 239, by mid-June, co-owner Cole Weber said.

“Frisco’s a rapidly growing and great community,” Weber said. “We're excited to offer an awesome service to the people that live there.”

The IV drips offered at Prime IV can help clients meet their athletic goals, help with weight loss, skin care and more, according to Weber. Customers can choose from several IV drips containing blends of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to meet their desired goal, according to its website.

While the drips can tackle vitamin or nutrient deficiencies, they can also be used preventatively and even help with jet lag recovery, according to its website.

“We really just align with our clients on what they're trying to accomplish through our IV therapy business,” Weber said.

469-320-9048 (Addison location).