VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Center held its grand opening at 2440 Eldorado Parkway, Ste. 100, Frisco, on Feb. 25.

As an urgent care center, VetCheck is a place for a pet’s major surgery or sudden illness that a regular veterinarian practice may not be equipped to handle, VetCheck practice manager Courtney Keathley said.

“We're here to be that in between, between the ER and the general practices, and work with them,” Keathley said.

The animal emergency center does not offer general practice services, such as vaccinations and regular checkups, choosing to act as a place a pet’s primary veterinarian can refer them to.

“I try to describe us as the middleman in the sense of our prices and our services,” Keathley said.

Other services offered by VetCheck include treating bite wounds, ingestion of poison or toxic substances, lacerations, seizures, and more, according to VetCheck’s website.